Oldies Club

As a dog photographer I get to meet so many lovely dogs and owners in their homes and out on location, the dogs are always much more than a pet to their owners, they are loved and adored like a member of the family. It is estimated that 1 in 2 households own a pet with 8.5 million of those pets being dogs, which just goes to show that we really are a nation of dog lovers! But sadly, there are often circumstances where a family can no longer keep their dog for one reason or another. Often, an elderly dog owner needs to move into assisted housing where pets are a no-go or maybe the owner has passed away and their family is not in a position to care for the orphaned dog. Welcome the Oldies Club

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Dog Photography

Dog photography. DogOgraphy. Whatever you like to call it, this is the very niche area that I have based my business on. Falling under the notoriously challenging 'Animals and Wildlife' category of photography, taking the perfect picture of your four legged friend is not always the easiest of tasks. So you may be wondering; how did this capture my attention?

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