Dog Photography

Dog photography. DogOgraphy. Whatever you like to call it, this is the very niche area that I have based my business on. Falling under the notoriously challenging 'Animals and Wildlife' category of photography, taking the perfect picture of your four legged friend is not always the easiest of tasks. So you may be wondering; how did this capture my attention?

As explained on my About Me page, I'm a self-confessed dog-lover. I guess this comes as no surprise having been around them since before I could walk with Fred the poodle, to my beloved Cocker Spaniel Brodie, who I must admit is ironically camera shy!

Photography was always an interest and hobby as a kid and I used to snap away at everything and anything with my Minolta, filling my parents loft with boxes and boxes of prints (back in the day of film), but it wasn't until I purchased my first DSLR, a Nikon D70 over 10 years ago that I really started to take my photography seriously. As my children got older I spent more of my spare time out with my dog and camera and wanting to specialise in a specific area, I realised that photographing dogs was a no-brainer. Merging my two passions together started out as a hobby, but I have been lucky enough to turn this into a business and I love every minute of it. It really doesn't feel like work!

The fact that it's challenging doesn't remotely faze me; yes it can sometimes be difficult to have control over the situation as dogs are often unpredictable, but to help minimise this, I will always have a pre-consultation with my client to find out about their dog and their characteristics. With this in mind, all my shoots are relaxed and fun which gives me the opportunity to capture the dog in its natural environment with natural lighting which is the emphasis of my work.

The diversity in each and every photo-shoot also makes my job so exciting, with no two being the same. This depends on the breed of the dog, their nature, what the owner wants to achieve from the shoot, as well as the type of shoot, varying between action, portraits, black & white etc., a few of which can be viewed in my portfolio.

Please stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts where I will regularly share with you my adventures in the doggy world.