The Timelessness of Black & White Photography

There’s something about black & white photography that never gets old. In a digital age where we can create virtually any images we want with colours that pop beyond belief, we still have an almost romantic longing for black & white photos.

Sometimes experimenting in post-production with compositions in soft shades of grey, dark contrasty blacks and cool whites we can completely change the tone or mood of a picture in way that wouldn’t work for a colour image. It can evoke a mood from nostalgia to sadness to gritty and modern and convey emotions in a way that colour images simply can’t.  Black & white images can be distraction free, refreshingly simple and often it’s easier to interpret the main focus of the picture.

For me, whether it’s families or dogs I’m photographing I love to provide my clients with both options, beautiful colour and black & white images. Whilst both offer their own uniqueness of what the image portrays, I find that with black & white there is a timeless classic interpretation that never dates.

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